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With certain limitations, criminal records in Anne Arundel County MD are accessible to the public. Individuals might seek access to these records for various reasons, such as performing a background check on a person or investigating a criminal offense committed in their area. It’s important to remember that not all criminal activities are reported; hence, some events won’t be available.
Furthermore, each state’s laws relating to public access to criminal records differ, so be sure to understand your state’s rules before browsing. Finally, remember that criminal records may not always be extensive. For instance, they may reveal that somebody was apprehended but not convicted. For more information, consider working with the court responsible for the case.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Anne Arundel County MD

5th Judicial Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
8 Church Circle Annapolis, MD 21401
Web Lookup
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court
251 Rowe Blvd, #141 Annapolis, MD 21401-1586
Web Lookup
On Location Terminals – Yes

Anne Arundel County Police Department
8495 Veterans Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108
(410) 222-8610
Police Records
Central Records Section (Police / Background Check)

Anne Arundel County Court Records

There are several reasons to use Anne Arundel County court records to find criminal details. These records are publicly accessible, can help establish whether someone has any criminal convictions, and are some of the best ways to confirm a criminal event.

Anne Arundel County Police Records

There are numerous ways to check if an individual has any police records. You can start by consulting your local Anne Arundel County sheriff’s department, state police, or highway patrol.

Reports Of Arrests

Arrest records in Anne Arundel County MD, which are typically public, contain details about an individual’s arrests, detentions, and proposed charges. These records may also contain information such as aliases, mug shots, and birthdates. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies keep these records, which can serve numerous purposes.

Reports Of Inmates

Inmate records can be found through many online resources, but the most reliable sources tend to be the Anne Arundel County jail or county courthouse. While most records can be accessed promptly, those not available online might require contacting the local courthouse or jail.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Anne Arundel County MD are typically small offenses punishable with fines or other non-incarceration penalties. These violations, which include traffic tickets, parking tickets, and sound offenses, represent a significant part of cases heard in court.


A Anne Arundel County misdemeanor is a less extreme criminal offense punishable by fines and as much as one year of jail time. These offenses, which include simple assault, trespassing, and petty theft, are typically less serious than felonies, which can cause longer jail time or perhaps the death penalty.

Anne Arundel County Felony Records

Two primary approaches exist for figuring out if somebody has a criminal Anne Arundel County felony record. You can talk to the local courthouse where the arrest happened or the sheriff in the county of the arrest. A private business can also perform background checks to discover any felony convictions.

Listings Of Anne Arundel County Sexual Offenders

If you’re worried about sex offenders in Anne Arundel County MD, a number of techniques can assist you in identifying any registered sex offenders close by. One alternative is to call and check with the local police. Additionally, you can search your state’s website for sex offender registry information.

Anne Arundel County Dui and Dwi Cases

DUI records in Anne Arundel County MD are generally publicly available. These records can be acquired through numerous techniques, one of which is visiting the state’s Department of Motor Automobiles or the court.

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