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Searching for Frederick County criminal records is important for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones. This process assists in scrutinizing people you may be considering for personal or professional relationships. By examining somebody’s criminal past, you can assess possible safety risks.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Frederick County MD

6th Judicial Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
100 W Patrick St Frederick, MD 21701
Web Lookup
On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor)
100 W Patrick St Frederick, MD 21701
Web Lookup
On Location Terminals – Yes

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO)
110 Airport Dr E, Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: (301) 600-1046
Fingerprinting Services
Most Wanted
Registered Sex Offenders
FCSO records or documents

Frederick Police Department
100 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: (301) 600-2100
Public Records

Frederick County Court Records

Court records are an excellent starting point for obtaining criminal data in Frederick County MD. These publicly available records can reveal whether an individual was convicted or charged. To browse court records, identify the relevant court, then proceed to the online database, where you can enter the individual’s name.

Frederick County Police Records

Taking a look at police records can reveal an individual’s Frederick County criminal history. These documents provide insights into a person’s previous encounters with the law. However, remember that access to all police files isn’t always possible.
Many police departments offer online databases for criminal record searches, but not all share their records publicly. If online checks arent available, consider contacting the police department directly to request a criminal record copy.

Reports Of Arrests

In Frederick County MD, arrest records are public. However, an arrest doesn’t automatically mean guilt, as individuals are frequently released post-arrest. Nonetheless, these records can be important information.

Reports Of Inmates

Frederick County inmate records, available through both online and offline resources, are an efficient approach for tracing someone’s criminal history. Usually found in the county jail and state corrections department, these records require the complete names and birth dates of the individuals you’re investigating.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Frederick County infractions refer to minor law violations, typically small offenses like traffic tickets. An infraction case is usually handled by a judge, who determines the offender’s guilt or innocence, potentially imposing a fine if found guilty.


Misdemeanors in Frederick County MD usually have lighter punishment than felonies, which might result in probation, fines, or brief jail sentences. The punishment seriousness depends upon the misdemeanor’s nature and the offender’s criminal history, with first-time offenders typically getting probation and repeat offenders dealing with possible jail time.

Frederick County Felony Records

Accessing Frederick County felony records can be done by requesting public records from county courts or exploring their online databases.

Listings Of Frederick County Sexual Offenders

To verify the existence of a registered sex offender in Frederick County MD, check with your local sheriff or police department or consult the National Sex Offender Registry for offenders in your state.

Frederick County Dui and Dwi Cases

Frederick County DUI, or driving under the influence, represents operating a car while impaired by alcohol or drugs and is considered a serious offense. Suspects are usually apprehended following a sobriety screening.
A DUI conviction might lead to jail time, license suspension, fines, necessary alcohol education courses, or the setup of an ignition lock gadget in the car. Such convictions can stick around on your record for years.

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