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There are numerous reasons why one might investigate a person’s Carroll County criminal record. People frequently conduct criminal checks on others to screen for those with criminal pasts.

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Regional Criminal Resources For Carroll County MD

Judicial Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
55 N Court St Westminster, MD 21157-5155
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On Location Terminals – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor)
101 N Court St Westminster, MD 21157-5156
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On Location Terminals – Yes

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
100 N Court St, Westminster, MD 21157
Phone: (410) 386-5900
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Most Wanted
Registered Sex Offenders

Westminster Police Department
36 Locust St, Westminster, MD 21157
Phone: (410) 848-4646
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Carroll County Court Records

A Carroll County court records search is useful for discovering information about somebody’s criminal past. While these records are public in many jurisdictions, certain exceptions, like sealed or expunged records, may not be publicly accessible. Court records can be obtained by personally going to the courthouse and requesting from the clerk’s office or by utilizing an online court records search service.

Carroll County Police Records

Police records act as a solid tool when performing a Carroll County criminal history check. Procedures for getting these records vary by state, but usually, a written request must be submitted to the respective police department.

Reports Of Arrests

In most states, arrest records are public, and anybody can request copies. To do so, you should contact your local Carroll County police station and request a report copy.

Reports Of Inmates

Despite being Carroll County public records, inmate records can be challenging to find. The most reliable approach is to search the facility’s website. As many government agencies do not have a central online database, you will need to go to each facility’s website individually. Start with the Department of Corrections in the state where the inmate was convicted, as they should maintain a list of all current and released detainees.

Types Of Criminal Records:


Considerable differences exist between traffic and non-traffic infractions in Carroll County MD. Traffic infractions are normally considered more major, carrying heavier penalties and sometimes leading to jail time. In contrast, non-traffic infractions are less serious, typically incurring fines.


While misdemeanors are less severe than Carroll County felonies, they can still significantly affect one’s life. Misdemeanors, though less severe than felonies, can carry significant penalties, consisting of fines, jail time, or both. Some states use probation for certain misdemeanors. A misdemeanor conviction will appear in criminal history.

Carroll County Felony Records

While Carroll County felony records are public, certain restrictions apply. Most felony convictions will appear in background checks carried out. However, some states permit the sealing and expunging felony records under specific situations.

Listings Of Carroll County Sexual Offenders

The state police website or the National Sex Offender Public Website can be utilized to search for registered sex offenders in your state. These platforms permit you to locate registered sex offenders in Carroll County MD. Your local sheriff or police department might likewise offer access to a sex offender database.

Dui and Dwi Cases

Operating an automobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs, known as DUI in Carroll County MD, is a severe offense in the United States. Penalties for DUI can be heavy, including jail time, fines, and loss of driver’s license. Furthermore, a DUI conviction might lead to an increase in your insurance coverage rates.

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